Tough New Yorkers are surviving being hit by subway trains


More people are surviving being run over by 100-ton subway trains, statistics show.

The number of riders hit by trains this year has soared almost 20 percent over last year, from 63 to 74 through the end of May — with 18 fatalities, according to the MTA.

Yet, last year during this period, there were just 25 fatalities, even though fewer riders were hit.

“The continuous fatalities on the subway tracks takes its tolls not only on passengers struck by trains, but on train crews and emergency personnel traumatized by this horrific experience and passengers who witness these gruesome events,” said Kevin Harrington, a vice president at TWU Local 100, which reps transit workers.

“People think most of the deaths are suicides — they are not. Many slip, faint, fall or are pushed onto the tracks by jostling crowds or miscreants.”

The MTA said it is testing a system to detect when a person or large object falls onto the tracks.

Between Friday and Sunday, six more riders were struck by trains. They included two deaths — one at the Myrtle Avenue L-train stop in Brooklyn on Friday and another north of the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium stop in The Bronx on Sunday.

Early Saturday, a man was jogging along the platform of the Rockefeller Center station at about 1:10 a.m. and ran straight into a beam. He fell into a D train that was pulling into the station, but survived.


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