Adidas may become Brooklyn Brewery’s upstairs neighbor in North Williamsburg



Sources said Adidas will open its new studio at 118 N. 11th St., where Brooklyn Brewery is situated.

Adidas will open a Brooklyn design studio in North Williamsburg.
The German sports apparel and footwear maker is close to signing a lease for roughly 20,000 square feet in the neighborhood. Several sources identified 118 N. 11th St. as the location.
A spokesman for Adidas did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The building’s landlord, Solomon Jacobowitz, also could not immediately be reached for comment.
The space will serve as a creative office to help reinvigorate Adidas’ sportswear empire with bold and hip new ideas and designs. Adidas has lost ground to rivals Nike and Under Armour, which overtook Adidas as the second-largest sportswear maker behind Nike last year.  
The four-story loft building at 118 N. 11th St. is widely regarded as one of the most eye-catching relics of Williamsburg’s industrial past. The building has a cast-iron façade, large windows and chamfered beam ceilings. Brooklyn Brewery is a long-term tenant on the building’s ground floor. It uses the space as a warehouse, which the owners concluded better coexists with a commercial tenant upstairs rather than residential for the time being.
The building was acquired by Mr. Jacobowitz four years ago and was originally eyed for a residential conversion. But creative companies are increasingly looking in Williamsburg for office space, boosting demand for the creation of such space in the neighborhood.
Asking rents at the building have reached the $70s per square foot, as high as other attractive Manhattan areas for tech and creative tenants such as midtown south, according to sources.
Adidas announced last year that it planned to open a Brooklyn office to capitalize on the borough’ creative talent pool and hip vibe. The new venture was controversial because Nike launched a lawsuit against three of its former executives whom Adidas poached to lead the Brooklyn venture. Nike alleged that the designers stole trade secrets and plans when they left the company.


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