Boy, 8, tells father he ‘broke his heart’ for killing mother


The 8-year-old son of a former MTA bus driver told his dad that he “broke his heart” when he killed his mother.
In an emotional statement read Tuesday during the Queens Supreme Court sentencing of Carlos Evelyn, the child’s heartache was obvious for all to hear.
“Why you punch my mom in the nose? Why you fight my mom? Why you throw her in the lake?” little Kamar Evelyn asked his father, in a statement read by the victim’s sister.

Evelyn, 33, was sentenced to 20 years in prison by Judge Barry Schwartz after pleading guilty earlier this month to manslaughter charges for killing Kadie Ann Chambers.
The former bus driver, who had been arrested twice for abusing his girlfriend before the March 2013 murder, punched Chambers three times before strangling her, prosecutors said.
He then dumped the 27-year-old’s body in a Jamaica marsh, authorities said.

Chambers had booked a flight to move in with her family in Georgia and leave Evelyn behind for good, family said.
She was murdered March 19, just four days before she was set to leave, her sister Davene Glass said.
At the sentencing, prosecutors made the stunning revelation that they believe Kamar, then just 6 years old, witnessed at least part of his mother’s death.
They said the plea offer was made largely to spare the child from having to testify in a trial.
Glass, who is now raising Kamar, said that the boy told her he heard his mom screaming for help but didn’t know how to get out of his car seat.

“He murdered her for a selfish reason and destroyed his son’s love for him,” Glass said. “He is just a monster, a woman beater, a coward . . . (and) a cold-blooded murderer.”
The defendant gave a five-minute statement where he claimed that his son did not see the fight between him and his girlfriend.
Schwartz called the murder “a disgraceful crime.”
“You would have done a lot more than 20 years if you had been convicted of this,” he told Evelyn.


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