Chelsea Tries To Outpace Summer Litter With ‘Big Beautiful Can’


CHELSEA — The Department of Sanitation is replacing Chelsea’s worn wire baskets with larger cans.
City Councilman Corey Johnson allocated $70,000 for new green metal bins and more frequent waste pickups across Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen. He unveiled one new “big beautiful can” on West 14th Street and Eighth Avenue Tuesday.
“We worked hard to pinpoint the areas that were in need of new heavy duty bins, as well as increased service,” he said, pointing to community board members and block associations who requested the changes.
While some City Council members put their names on the bins, Johnson said he opted against it.
In addition to 32 new bins stretching from Bleecker Street to West 58th Street, pick up service was added on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between West 14th and West 23rd Streets on the West Side.


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