An NYU Student Made A Short Film About Killing Drake. It’s Really Creepy.



But also kind of good?

New York University student Chris Cole made a four-minute film as a class project, according to his Twitterand additional reports.

It depicts a college student who is an extreme Drake fanboy.

“Drake is the greatest artist of our generation,” the main character says in the frantic monologue that runs throughout the black-and-white film. “When I listen to Drake he makes my days go from zero to 100 real quick. And if I have a son, I’m going to name him Drake.

“Drake is like the Lena Dunham of the rap game,” he adds. “He’s the voice of a generation.”

Lyrics to Drake songs are also sprinkled throughout the film.

The student’s first sign of madness creeps in when the iPod he’s listening to Drake on dies in the middle ofWashington Square Park, and he hallucinates voices questioning his love of Drake (“Drake thinks you’re soft. Drake didn’t come to your bar mitzvah”) — until he is rescued by his “backup DrakePod.”

Ultimately, he decides to spare Drake another blow like the one from his “terribly underwhelming” Coachella performance, and “end his career on a high note.”

“I think Drake’s latest album was his greatest,” the voiceover declares. “The perfect note to end on.”

Check it out:

Cole told the FADER the film went over well when he screened it at school, much to his surprise — “because I wasn’t sure how accessible the film would be to people who either don’t know or don’t care about Drake,” he said.

(Or who aren’t murderers?)

“I haven’t actually got a grade yet,” he told the FADER. “After screening it, though, my professor thought it was really entertaining, and appreciated the work.”

Glad to hear it, Chris. Sorry Drake missed your Bar Mitzvah.


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