Cops hunting kids seen on video in MTA prank



A group of teens tried to play conductor on a subway, and now the MTA and cops want them in handcuffs — for real.

A video posted on Facebook shows a teen sitting in the rear cab on a moving train and banging on the controls. Another teen reaches in from off camera and hits the horn before the shaky clip abruptly ends.

The disconcerting video was uploaded to Facebook by user TopOpp Herbo on Sunday and reposted by community activist Tony Herbert after several parents brought it to his attention, he said.


“We have no idea what train they were on, or where they were when they trespassed in the system, but we do have the original poster’s contact info and picture which was easily attainable from his (Facebook) page, and encourage authorities to investigate this matter thoroughly, and punish them to the fullest extent of the allowable laws,” Herbert said in a statement.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman said the agency is working with the NYPD to find the culprit.

An MTA source noted the train’s movement cannot be controlled from the rear cab.


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