Times Square Screens Showing Thermal Images of CIty Scenes


 In the three minutes just before midnight, you can see a technicolor collage of footage shot across the city using a heat sensitive camera. The screen takeover is artist Peggy Ahwesh's project "City Thermogram," where she shot a variety of cityscapes with the strange camera.

City Thermogram Times Square

MIDTOWN — Every night this month, the advertisements flickering continuously across Times Square’s screens will pause for a brief moment.

In the three minutes before midnight, the screens are programmed to display a technicolor collage of footage shot across the city using a heat-sensitive camera.

The screen takeover is artist Peggy Ahwesh’s project “City Thermogram,” which features a variety of cityscapes shot with the camera.

Smokestacks, bridges, trees and subway riders appear in brilliant, neon hues.

“Shooting city views with a heat sensitive camera, I wandered with no particular goal, only amazement at the heat seeking bodies around me — people unaware of their energy potential,” Ahwesh said in a statement.

“The glow of the heat generating systems and devices we rely on – the cell phone, electrical power grid, the computer, steam as it rises from underground and hot summer streets.”

The installation started on April 1 and will continue through the end of the month.

It’s part of Time Square Arts project “The Midnight Moment”where the organization invites a different artist to use some of the screens each month just before midnight.

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