Teens Arrested on Gun Charges After Jumping into a Cop Car That they Thought Was a Livery Cab




Two Brooklyn cops took a gun off the street with the help of the new ShotSpotter system — but it wasn’t the one that set off the alert, police sources said Monday.

And cops were aided in making the collar when the suspects jumped into their car, thinking it was a cab.

The drama unfolded after someone fired about six bullets at 12:33 a.m. Sunday, gunfire that a ShotSpotter sensor pinpointed to 980 Linden Blvd. in East Flatbush.

Plainclothes officers Dalsh Veve and Joel Crooms responded.

On nearby Church Ave. a group of teens tried to get into the officers’ unmarked vehicle, apparently thinking it was a livery car, sources said.

When the teens realized their error, they ran off.

Police chased and grabbed two 15-year-old boys. One was observed handing a gun to his friend, who tossed into a patch of bushes, sources said.

Police recovered the weapon, a five-shot .38 cal. Taurus that had four bullets in the chamber.

But that gun was not the one used in the shooting moments earlier, sources said. Police were not able to locate ballistics evidence tied to the 12:33 a.m. gunfire.

“But because of ShotSpotter, we were able to get to the scene quick and get another gun,” a police source said. “And even though there were 911 calls, they came after the job was initiated by ShotSpotter.”

Both suspects were charged with weapons possession. One of them, a member of the Young Savages, the crew linked to the recent girl fight at a Flatbush McDonald’s, was also charged with selling a firearm to a minor, for allegedly handing the gun off to his friend.

The friend was also charged with tampering with physical evidence for throwing the gun away, sources said.

The NYPD started using ShotSpotter in parts of the Bronx on March 16 and expanded to parts of Brooklyn a week later.

The system uses sensors to triangulate the place of a shooting and quickly alert police — even when nobody calls 911, officials said.

The NYPD expects to learn about scores of shootings it might not otherwise find out about.



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