Obama to Move to New York After His Presidency



Could New York be gaining yet another presidential retiree?

BuzzFeed reports today that President Barack Obama may follow in Bill Clinton’s footsteps and move to New York after leaving office in January 2017.

For years, the operating assumption was that Obama would return to his native Chicago after he’s done in Washington, but political turmoil there and “a personal craving for a new beginning” could be steering the family eastward, BuzzFeed wrote.

Clinton’s vibrant post-presidential life has benefitted in many ways from its Manhattan roots: Proximity to world media headquarters and the United Nations, which has facilitated the growth and power of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

We already know that Columbia University is making a serious playto host the Obama Presidential Library when its time comes. The Barack Obama Foundation will make a decision after the April 7 mayoral election in Chicago, where former chief-of-staff and incumbent Rahm Emanuel is fighting for a new term. Obama camp could announce a decision on library location before the end of the month.

“New York is the media capital of the world,” Long Island Republican Rep. Peter King told BuzzFeed. “I think that’s what he wants and you don’t get that anywhere else.”

Politico reported in February that the library is still almost certainlyheaded for Chicago, despite a land-use dispute that held up preliminary development. But, of course, there’s no reason Obama’s residence and the library would necessarily be in the same place.

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