Was the Winter a Money Maker or NightMare for NyC Bussinesses


The brutal winter was a cash cow for New Yorkers who sell cold-weather gear and repair vehicles that got beaten up by the city’s ravaged, potholed roadways.

But it was a frigid nightmare for many others — like dog walkers, food-cart operators and construction workers.

“It’s been a bad winter,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park maintenance worker Angel Cruz, 43, who has been busy shoveling paths “sunup to sundown” in treacherous conditions.

“It got to the point where my boss said to seek shelter and not to be out in the cold, but I had to make paths for people.”

Meanwhile, salt manufacturer Barry ­Wachsler, 42, of Dart Seasonal Products, was overjoyed by the harsh winter, saying his sales increased by about 30 percent.

“It’s unprecedented,” he said. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

And Shirley Sanchez, a sales manager at cap-and-gloves pop-up shop Nirvanna Designs in Noho, said business was so good this winter, the shop stayed open an extra month.

Spring is off to a cold, stormy start — with three to six inches of snow expected in the city by the end of Friday.

“We’ve already been through hell, what’s another day?” Cruz said. “We’ll just appreciate the summertime.”

But heat is on the horizon, as summer will be “relatively hot,” according to Accuweather senior meteorologist Frank Strait.

Letter carrier Scott Johnson, 32, says warmer temps can’t come soon enough.

“When I heard there will be another storm tomorrow, I thought, ‘Really funny, God,’ ” he said.

“I really don’t care for snow days but someone has to do this. We need to rework our [Postal Service] motto.”

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