Graffiti’d Mansion in The Lower East Side to be Renovated


The natural inclination for just about anyone passing by 190 Bowery would be to stop and stare for a while. Here stood a 72-room mansion built in 1898 that was boarded up and covered in the kind of elaborate graffiti you actually don’t see much of anymore in a gentrified and cleaned up Manhattan.

But all of that is changing now that a full-scale renovation is starting on the building that was once owned by photographer Jay Maisel, who bought it in 1966 for $102,00, until he sold it for $55 million to RFR Realty. The building was once a branch of the Germania Bank, but now it’s destined to become condos or possibly a hotel.

Thanks to Animal New York, we’ve got a unique look at the building in all its old-school glory. Check out the video below, which uses drone footage on the outside as well interior shots to show off one of the Lower East Side’s greatest structures.


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