Rapists Gets A longer Stay on Rikers Island To Marry His Fiance




He may be a monster but someone out there loves him.

A creep who raped a 30-year-old woman in her Murray Hill apartment can stay in a city jail an extra month in order to tie the knot with a longtime gal pal before heading upstate to serve his time, a Manhattan judge decided Wednesday.

Kevin Mitchell, who was sentenced to 14 years behind bars Wednesday after copping to first-degree rape, will remain at Rikers Island until late April so that the city Department of Correction can arrange for his jailhouse nuptials, a request that Justice Maxwell Wiley granted at the proceeding.

Inmates are known to tie the knot to be eligible for conjugal visits in prison.

Mitchell’s lawyer Howard Jaffe requested the stay of his client’s transfer to state custody and said the wedding is supposed to happen “in the next couple of weeks.”

Mitchell, 34, plans to marry a woman he has been with for years but Jaffe said he did not know the fiancée’s name or any other relationship details.

At the proceeding, prosecutor Siobhan Carty read a heartbreaking statement from the victim, who did not attend.

The victim said she has been tortured by the event, in which Mitchell threatened to kill her, saying he had a gun and would cut her throat after following her into her apartment about 5:30 a.m. on Sept. 19, 2013.

“This man has completely ruined my life,” she said.

“In the immediate aftermath of my assault, I stopped eating and sleeping.”

She said she moved and changed jobs all to try to forget what had happened.

The victim also said she does not date and will only leave her home to go to work these days.

“I cannot understand why this man did this to me, why he told me he would kill me if I did not do what he said…I gave him so many chances to leave. I told him multiple times that if he left right then nothing bad would happen and he raped me anyway.”

During the horrifying attack, Mitchell told the victim, “I’ll slit your throat, this is going to happen either way.”

Mitchell made an emotionless apology when given the chance at the sentencing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“I apologize for what happened and I’m sorry for what I did,” he mumbled.

Mitchell is slated to be handed over to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision on April 22 and will be assigned to a prison at that point.

He will be monitored for a decade after his release from prison.

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