Top 7 Facts to Know About NYCs 1st CHick-fil-A




Crain’s revealing that Chick-fil-A will open this summer at 1000 Sixth Ave. nearly broke the Internet Tuesday—or at least the Big Apple portion. Here are seven things die-hard chicken fans will want to know about the 48-year-old restaurant chain’s newest outpost.

1. It will deliver. “Later this year, we will introduce mobile ordering and catering so New Yorkers can have meals delivered,” said a Chick-fil-A spokeswoman. The local owner will decide whether or not to host events and activities at the Herald Square site.

2. It will have a notification system similar to that of burger chain Shake Shack, where a pager lets customers know when their orders are ready. The system is currently being piloted at just one other Chick-fil-A location, in downtown Chicago.

3. The 80 seats will only be on the second floor. The ground floor will include an extra-large queuing space, while food prep—including lemon-squeezing, lettuce-chopping and chicken-breading—and storage will be in the basement.

4. The menu will be the same as it is elsewhere, but with varied prices—a Chick-fil-A sandwich costs $3.15 in Union, N.J., but is $2.99 in Raleigh, N.C., for example. So it stands to reason that a sandwich in New York City could be the chain’s priciest.


5. There’s a bonus for being first. As it does with other grand openings, the restaurant will give out gift cards for a free sandwich a week, for one year, to the first 100 customers. (That’s roughly $165 per card.)

6. With a ground-floor asking rent of $450 a square foot, and a second-floor asking rent of $125 a square foot, the chicken chain will be doling out about $1.27 million in annual rent. That’s more than 400,000 sandwiches a year!

7. If you don’t live or work near Herald Square, don’t be too disappointed—Chick-fil-A is also eyeing the financial district and other parts of midtown for its next locations, according to its exclusive brokers at RKF.

Get any diets out of the way now. The grand opening is just a little more than five months away.

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