You Can Now Take a Helicopter to Get to JFK



There’s already an on-demand helicopter service in New York City, Blade, which offers seats on chopper trips from Manhattan to the city’s airports or to the Hamptons. But now, a competitor, Gotham Air, has launched its public reservations app with a price point far below Blade’s.

For as little as $99 — but usually $219 — one may reserve a flight from downtown Manhattan to either John F. Kennedy Airport or Newark Liberty, Engadget explained. Future destinations may be added, depending on how well the company does with these routes, the post said.


Yes, that’s pricier than hailing a cab, taking the PATH, or securing an Uber or Lyft car, but for anyone that would consider shelling out for the extreme convenience offered by a helicopter ride in the first place, that’s significantly less than it costs to reserve a Blade flight. Specifically, the New York Observer pointed out that a Blade flight requires reserving an entire aircraft, which at its best works out to about $500 per seat; Gotham Air sells individual seats. Moreover, compared to the other vehicles, the $219 price isn’t too far out of line from a black car, which might cost $150, or a taxi ride, which could total as much as $90, the report said.

The Gotham Air apps are now available for iOS and Android. According to its web site, the company leases eight aircraft from Helicopter Flight Services.


(StaffNew York Business Journal)

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