NYC-Based Luxury Watch Retailer Tourneau Gets Serious About Hawaii Location #NYCTOHAWAII




Tourneau, the New York-based luxury watch retail giant, has opened its expanded Hawaii location at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki, nearly tripling the amount of space it used to have and adding a second floor.

Larry Barkley, senior vice president of retail for Tourneau, which opened its first Hawaii shop in 2008 at the Royal Hawaiian Center in a 1,400-square-foot space, told Pacific Business News that the state is a key market for the company.

“Hawaii has been a strong performer for us,” he said. “It just makes sense that we would be in the vicinity.”

The newly upgraded store includes about 4,000 square feet and now has two floors that are connected to each other through a flight of stairs. The store employs about 15 people.

With 33 total stores across the country in 13 states, including its flagship stores in New York and Las Vegas, Tourneau considers expansion to the Neighbor Islands a definite possibility, Barkley said.

“We are certainly looking at it,” he said. “Not certainly out of the question. It’s critical we choose smart locations. We are very happy to re-establish our presence at the Royal Hawaiian Center. We look to reach even more customers in the area.”


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