What You Didn’t Know About Snapple #SNAPPLEBROOKLYN


It all started in the Brooklyn area of New York in 1972. Childhood friends Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden and Arnold Greenburg saw more potential in fruit than just something to throw in the lunchroom. Now, here’s a history lesson on everybody’s favorite beverage, Snapple:

Today, Snapple’s simple mission continues: to make the world’s most flavorful teas and juice drinks out of the Best Stuff on Earth. In a world of overly complicated beverage options, Snapple is a drink made from real tea and sugar that’s both delicious and fun. A drink made from all-natural ingredients* that simply tastes great.

Snapple believes that life is full of the good stuff, so they decided to bottle it.

*All-natural ingredients does not apply to diet beverages.



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