Feds Find Perv Pics On Bronx Teacher’s Phone #JonathanCruz



Authorities have collected more evidence against a Bronx HS of Science teacher accused of soliciting kiddie porn, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Following Jonathan Cruz’s ­arrest Friday, FBI agents allegedly found evidence on the teacher’s smartphone showing that he ­solicited nude photos from two additional teenage boys and made ­bizarre requests of his victims.

Cruz originally had been accused of paying at least five teenage boys hundreds of dollars in gift cards to send him nude and other lurid pictures of themselves, Assistant US Attorney Shawn Crowley said.

The new images were disclosed at a hearing where prosecutors argued that Cruz’s bail application should be rejected.

Federal Judge Gregory Woods granted bail under strict conditions.

Cruz — who likes to dress up like Liberace — will be restricted to his parents’ home.

The judge granted bail after Cruz’s mother and father agreed to co-sign a $1 million bond and testified they would guarantee he won’t have access to computers, cellphones or children.

Rich Calder

March 11, 2015 | 2:20am


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