What Will Schools do With Program Touted By The Mayor ? #NYC



Schools ‘don’t know what to do’ with program touted by mayor

When Mayor Bill de Blasio went to Albany seeking permanent control of New York City’s public schools, one of the reforms he touted to state legislators was a new parent-outreach initiative. But there is no evidence that it is working better than the program for struggling students that it replaced, which went unmentioned in the mayor’s prepared remarks to lawmakers. (Read more here.) —EE

City wants your help on PlaNYC

A week after unions and left-leaning activists urged Mayor Bill de Blasio to make the city’s sustainability plan more progressive, he moved to do just that, asking New Yorkers to answer a survey to shape what is known as PlaNYC. It won’t take long. In contrast to the Bloomberg administration’s original 156-page plan, the de Blasio survey set a new standard for brevity. [Read more here.] —AJH

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