Rikers Island Inmates Say They Were Sickened By Poisoned Meatloaf



Nineteen inmates at Rikers Island claim in a federal lawsuit that they were sickened by meatloaf spiked with rat poison.

Worse, the inmates claim correction officers have been trying to seize samples of the tainted meatloaf to cover up what’s in it, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The incident occurred last week at the Anna M. Kross jail where the inmates were on lockdown in the wake of a sexual assault on a female officer.

After being served a meal consisting of juice, cabbage and meatloaf on March 3, a group of inmates were felled by an “overwhelming sense of illness” that included nausea, dizziness , severe vomiting and nosebleeds.

The suit alleges “blue and green pellets” were found in the meatloaf.


“Department of Corrections medical personnel told them it was rat poison,” said lawyer Joann Squillace.

Squillace said they are seeking a court order for emergency testing of not only the meatloaf, but also blood tests of the sickened inmates to determine whether they need further treatment.Department spokesman Jeff Jacomowitz had no immediate comment on the allegations.

It’s unclear whether any inmate on kitchen duty had a hand in preparing the chow that particular day.

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