NyC is Experiencing Hard Times in Tourism this Winter!#NYCTRENDS



New York City officials are expected to announce a new tourism record was set in 2014, with about 56.4 million visitors, surpassing 2013’s record number of 54.3 million.

While more and more people are coming to the city, they’re not quite generating the economic activity leaders had hoped they would, at least according to city figures, which pegged tourism’s impact at about $61.3 billion last year, The New York Times reported. That’s short of the city’s stated goal of $70 billion in economic impact by 2015, the report added.

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Among the notable trends in the city’s tourism industry, the Times reported, is that more Chinese visitors are coming through. Specifically, the city estimated 740,000 Chinese tourists came to New York City in 2014, surpassing the number of French tourists, and exceeded only by Canadian, British, and Brazilian foreign visitors. That 740,000 figure is also five times larger than the number of Chinese estimated to visit the city in 2009, the report said.


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