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San Francisco-based Dropbox had been in other, temporary offices in New York but in late… more

Dropbox has dropped itself into New York City with a new 11,000-square foot office space in the Flatiron District.

The NYC offices, one of nine the San Francisco-based company operates, became Dropbox’s permanent home here after being in temporary space near Astor Place. The office on West 19 th Street and Sixth Avenue opened two weeks ago and carries some of the hallmarks of New York offices in renovated buildings like exposed brick walls and plenty of wood.

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“It’s great to have that permanent space in New York,” said Julie Herendeen, Dropbox’s head of marketing.”It’s been a high priority for the company and as we were thinking about New York, it’s incredibly important to be close to those customers.”

On Thursday, Dropbox announced it was making an upgrade to its business service to allow businesses to create groups for collaboration. A key part of this allows for easy administrative functions.

“We really focus on our core strength as we’re going to market,” Herendeen said when I asked her how she goes out to sell the business product. “We’ve really been a very customer-driven brand, user-driven brand.”

About 30 people work in the NYC offices, working either in sales or in technology. One thing the New York office doesn’t have yet is someone to run it. Interested? Click here to see the NYC opportunities and check out the images above to see the local Dropbox offices.

BY, J Jennings Moss


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