The Weekend Has Us Seeing The Light #NYCForecast



A winter wonderland has taken over the city, New York style (that means slush, ice, yellow snow, and being sprayed by passing cabs).

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel—sort of—as the skies start to clear late Thursday night.

There will be a low around 12 degrees, which warms up to a still very, very cold 25 degrees on Friday, according to the National Weather Service. It will be mostly sunny, though, so at least there’s that kind of light.

The low will be around 18 degrees on Friday night.

The warming trend continues through the weekend (34 and 42 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.)  And the start of the work week will be better as well with a high of 43 and mostly sunny on Monday (just warm enough for the ice to start melting so you can avoid slipping while nursing that Monday morning hangover).

And remember, spring is only 15 days away. Countdown the reasons to get excited with us! 

By ALISON FOX March 5, 2015



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