New York City East River Ferry Service Restored



East River Ferry service has been restored with delays after it was suspended altogether Tuesday due to ice buildup.

The service will still bypass South Williamsburg in both directions.

Frigid temperatures paired with the river’s constantly changing tide has made it tough for the ferry’s operator, New York Waterway, to stick to its regular schedule.

The ferry service provides connections for those looking to get to and from Queens and Brooklyn.

It also serves as an alternative route for commuters heading from Midtown to Lower Manhattan.

Riders who spoke with NY1 on Wednesday say they strongly prefer the ferry to other commuting methods.

“Much easier, it beats going through the traffic in the Midtown tunnel, and saving money,” said one ferry rider.

“It’s just the best part of my morning commute. It’s easy, not crowded, relaxing,” noted another ferry rider.

“I don’t like riding the subway.  I don’t wanna underground, at least you stay outside,” said a third ferry rider.

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By NY1 News
Updated Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 12:14 PM EST


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