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High-end gluten-free pasta

The gluten-free diet fad is here to stay,

The gluten-free diet fad is here to stay, we think, especially now that Del Posto’s executive chef Mark Ladner is looking into opening a pasta shop with multiple satellite locations that serves only gluten-free noodles. After a successful funding round on Kickstarter, Ladner has started launching Pasta Flyer pop-up restaurants to test out his creations. We had some last week, and it was tasty and very, very al dente. (Credit: Georgia Kral)

Plenty of oysters

Oysters are sustainable, easily sourced locally, gluten-free, low

Oysters are sustainable, easily sourced locally, gluten-free, low in fat and high in protein and vitamins. They’re filling and relatively cheap — think $1 oyster happy hours for a $12 dinner — and yes, they’re delicious. Oysters are said to be in season in any month that has the letter R (sorry May-August) but expect to see them in various forms, on the half shell or grilled a Momofuku throughout 2015. (Credit: Melissa Kravitz )

Alternative burgers

Beef burgers are so 2014. Burgers of new,

Beef burgers are so 2014. Burgers of new, healthier and more delicious varieties are coming to menus for the new year. Think Chef David Vandenabeele’s kangaroo sliders at Measure Lounge, a camel burger at Tasty Burger Shack in Astoria, organic antelope burgers at Williamsburg’s The Burger Guru and organic ostrich at Bareburger. We’re anticipating many more creative-protein burgers to come! (Credit: Langham Hotels)

Vegetarian ramen

Some of New York's best ramens this year

Some of New York’s best ramens this year were vegetarian. That’s saying something. Chefs are coaxing flavors out of vegetables in ways unimaginable — it’s a great thing for those of us who either don’t eat meat at all or only eat humanely-raised meat. If David Chang and Ivan Ramen are doing it, there’s every reason to believe that other ramen shops will follow suit. Momofuku Noodle Bars Hozon Ramen is made delicious thanks to the deep, earthy flavors of chickpeas and mushrooms and the all-important secret weapon: Chang’s hozon product, an umami flavor boosting fermented paste made in the Momofuku food lab Kaizen Trading Company. The other veggie ramen was sampled at Ivan Ramen, and had more complexity of flavor than my dining partner’s Triple Garlic Mazemen thanks to the roasted tomatoes and large accompaniment of enoki mushrooms. Believe it! (Credit: FLICKR//h-bomb)


Duck quacked its way onto several menus in

Duck quacked its way onto several menus in 2014 and its popularity will only continue to grow. Easily sourced from Hudson Valley and Long Island, this sustainable protein is healthier than red meats but more fatty and flavorful than plain old chicken. Find duck in ramen, pad thai, roasted, rotisserie-ed, confited, cured and more all over the city! (Credit: FLICKR/premshree)

Hybrid vegetables

NPR reports that veggie mash-ups-- think kalettes (brussels

NPR reports that veggie mash-ups– think kalettes (brussels sprouts fused with kale), broccoflower (broccoli fused with cauliflower)– will reign in 2015. These brand new veggies, created from hybrid seeds, bring a new level of excitement to getting your vitamins, making new flavors and textures available in vegetable-centric food. Chef Andrew Whitcomb of Brooklyn’s Colonie used plumcots and plouts (plums + apricots) on his summer menu, and we’re excited to see new hybrids and their uses in 2015. (Credit: FLICKR/haynes)


Mario Batali said this cruciferous vegetable native to

Mario Batali said this cruciferous vegetable native to Southern Italy was “the new kale” at a Master Class talk at the Heart Tower back in early fall. And you can’t say that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… A member of the broccoli family, spigarello is an heirloom variety that’s considered to be the “parent” of broccoli rabe. It’s not bitter like rabe, rather, it’s grassy and sweet.


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