NYC Beer Week



Wherever you go in life, may you live every week like it’s NYC Beer Week. Especially this one, because it actually is. Tonight the New York City Brewers Guild — that’s right, a guild, like gondoliers in Venice — pulls the tab on this seventh annual seven-day celebration of golden goodness. Over 100 bars around the city are dusting off kegs of extra-special reserve brews for the “Opening Tap” celebration. Tomorrow at the “SMASH (State Malts and State Hops) Brew,” a dozen local brewers will demonstrate the wide range of suds they can whip up using different variations on just six ingredients sourced from local farms. But you won’t want to miss the massive “Opening Bash” on Saturday, a sampling event with 50 craft brewers and snacks from favorite NYC food vendors throughout the day. So eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow is just a boring old regular week.


Last years NYC BEER WEEK


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