Casa Oliveira Delivering Liquors To Your Door – Manhattan



Mark Nani leaves Casa Oliveira Liquors in Manhattan to make a delivery. The store has teamed up with the Drizly app. 

There are many bodies in the delivery graveyard. Webvan, Kozmo and Urbanfetch were all seen as the next big thing before crashing spectacularly.

But same-day delivery is making a comeback, with large Internet players like Amazon and eBay entering the mix. And in that resurgence are small start-ups focused on a niche product: alcohol.

It has not hurt that millennials, who are used to ordering food for delivery on their smartphones, have come of legal drinking age. And at a moment of resurgence in craft beers and cocktails, no less.

“I saw alcohol, wine, spirits delivery as the last frontier in convenience and on-demand delivery,” said Devaraj Southworth, the founder of Thirstie, based in New York.

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